Why play team sports?

There are many reasons why athletes, young and older, benefit from playing team sports. Participation on a team:

  • generates good health and fitness
  • conquers isolation
  • builds self-esteem
  • creates friendships
  • teaches cooperation
  • fosters healthy competitiveness

For a person who is blind or visually impaired, this is especially important.

NWABA provides opportunities for team sports participation for both children and adults in communities throughout Oregon, Washington, Montana and Idaho.

Adult Programs
Goalball is the most popular team sport. NWABA is in the process of developing a Goalball league by supporting teams and organizing tournaments. There are currently adult Goalball programs in Spokane, Boise and Portland.

Other sports teams will be added as funding becomes available.

Youth Programs
Youth Goalball programs are available through partnerships between NWABA and school districts in Oregon, Washington, Montana and Idaho.

Contact us for more information
For sports team opportunities, contact NWABA at 360-448-7254, 800-880-9837 or sgibbins@nwaba.org