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What Does Community Mean to Nate?

What Does Community Mean to Nate?

“Having a community is having people who help each other out that are very supportive. I think NWABA is a great community for me. They have helped and supported me dramatically over the years. I can’t explain how much I appreciate NWABA.” — Nate, Athlete

Give Confidence. Give Community. Give Connection. Give Today.

With your generosity, nearly 1,700 individuals at NWABA are given the opportunity to enjoy adaptive sports such as goalball, tandem bicycling, skiing, hiking, and swimming, with a supportive community. NWABA offers more than 130 days of programs each year, free of cost to children, families, and adults.

What does Confidence, Community, and Connection mean to you?

Thanks to your support, Northwest Association for Blind Athletes has been growing and expanding programs to support more individuals who are blind and visually impaired like Audrey, Elora, and Nate. NWABA’s programs and services become a catalyst for individuals to gain confidence and self-esteem, learn new skills, build a sense of community and find life-changing community.

Read what Audrey, Elora, and Nate have to say about the impact of Camp Spark on their confidence, community, and connections.


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