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Visually Impaired Summer Skills Program

Sunday, June 23- Saturday, June 29

The Visually Impaired Summer Skills Program is open to blind and visually impaired students, ages 9-16. Participants learn a wide range of living skills, which builds self-confidence. They cook their meals, do laundry, learn to sew, plan menus, shop, and use public transportation. They learn new orientation and mobility skills, which can dramatically increase their independence. They learn new communication skills, including Braille, JAWS – a computer program that reads information on the screen aloud – as well as other assistive technology. They play pool, and bowl, and overcome obstacles to living as other students do, all the while enjoying the company of other students who are blind or visually impaired, which greatly increases their sense of connection.

NWABA provides equipment resources to support students in participating in sports and physical activities.


Sam Picciano


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Text: 360.448.7254