NWABA Grow Together Campaign LogoFifteen years ago, Northwest Association for Blind Athletes (NWABA) began offering life-changing opportunities for individuals who are blind or visually impaired in the Pacific Northwest.

Now, we look ahead to the next 15 years with our Grow Together Campaign. This regional campaign will raise $1 million over the next three years to support expansion of NWABA’s key programs and services. 

Fuel Sports Outreach Expansion

Transform Sports Adaptations

Guide and athlete riding on a tandem bicycle.


Adult instructor handing a blue goalball to a young redhead girl.



These year-round opportunities deliver sports and physical activities such as tandem cycling, swimming, beep baseball, judo, and skiing that are safe, accessible, and inclusive for all ages and ability levels. Trained staff and volunteers serve as guides for athletes during all events. In addition to learning and honing new skills, participants also form connections and build community. During events, NWABA places a focus on building self-confidence and independence in athletes—letting them discover and build familiarity with activities at their own pace.


  • Seed outreach programming in defined communities throughout NWABA service area of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.
  • Deepen impact in identified communities through more ongoing programming and resources.


This program offers sustained athletic regiments for blind and visually impaired individuals. The Video Resource Library provides over 40 Instructional videos for different sports and physical activities aimed towards at-home personal use and for educators to enhance their skills to deliver adaptive physical education. NWABA also delivers individual PE Consultations to teachers, administrators, and school districts. Staff provide instruction, implementation, and adaptive equipment to empower partners to create inclusive physical education programs.


  • Create accessible video resources for individuals who are blind, their families, and educators across the globe.
  • Build staffing capacity to create more inclusive programming in each athlete’s home, school, and community.

Increase Adaptive Equipment

Advance Virtual Programming

Young girl wearing swim goggles is holding onto a swim board in a pool.


NWABA staff member demonstrating virtual programming with a tv screen in front of her.



Individual athletes, their family members, and educators can rent any of our 500 adaptive sports equipment for up to two months. This resource allows athletes to independently practice and engage in physical activity outside of NWABA programs, with instructions to allow for safe use. Adaptive equipment in this library includes beep & bell balls, tactile maps, and ropeless jump ropes. Larger adaptive equipment such as kayaks and tandem bicycles are also used during Sports Outreach events across our four-state service area.


  • Replace aging adaptive equipment with new tools to impact more athletes and families
  • Purchase critical adaptive equipment to serve more individuals, deliver more events, and reach each individual where they are to help them achieve what is possible


NWABA hosts accessible, audio-described virtual workouts seven times per week. These regular courses allow individuals of all ages and ability levels who are blind from all over the world access to experienced program staff to improve their physical health, confidence, and community. Courses include circuit training, Zumba, cardio, and Yoga.


  • Develop a plan to grow services, deepen impact, and ensure every athlete can participate from anywhere

See Our Progress

Fuel Sports Outreach Program Expansion 40%
Transform Sports Adaptations 30%
Increase Adaptive Equipment 20%
Advance Virtual Programming 10%

NWABA Grow Together Campaign LogoWe invite you to Grow Together with NWABA

Online gifts can be made by clicking the button below. For additional questions, please contact Sue Warren, Sr. Director of Development at 360.984.5506 or swarren@nwaba.org.