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Northwest Association for Blind Athletes (NWABA) has been providing services in Idaho since early 2012, starting with one goalball team for blinded veterans and adults with visual impairments. With the support of more than 20 dedicated volunteers, NWABA now delivers more than 300 programs and service interactions annually for individuals and families with visual impairments.

Your Support Matters

Looking towards the future and with your support, NWABA plans to deliver more in-person programming, expand our educational and equipment lending services and provide life-changing opportunities for blind and visually impaired individuals across Idaho.

Other Ways to Give

Make a Monthly Donation

Join our LEAD THE WAY Sustainers Society and make a recurring gift each month to ensure our athletes have the on-going resources they need to achieve their goals.

Make a Gift

Whether you’d like give an annual gift or want to leave your legacy through NWMBA, you’ll help ensure we continue to deliver nationally-leading programs and services that will change the lives of our athletes for a lifetime.

Corporate Sponsorships

NWABA is honored to work with corporate partners throughout Idaho to help support our life-changing programs, by developing strategic partnership opportunities that meet your goals while fueling our programs and services.

Idaho Programing

NWABA believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience sports and physical activities. Most children and youth with visual impairments in the United States have never participated in sports or a physical activity. They’ve never ridden a bike, run on a track or even participated in their school’s PE class.

With your help we are continuing to expand the number of programs and service interactions, educational resources and equipment lending capabilities to make a difference in the lives of blind and visually impaired children, youth and adults in the Idaho community.

Get Involved with NWABA!


NWABA is an athlete-centered, volunteer-driven organization. Without our volunteers, we would not be able to serve as many people as we do. Do you have a sport or activity that you want to share with others? Would you like to volunteer with us at an event? Help us improve the quality of life for individuals with visual impairments by becoming a volunteer today.


Are you interested in becoming an athlete? Our programs and services are about more than just learning the rules of the game. By providing sports and physical activities, NWABA offers a catalyst for our athletes to gain confidence, develop skills, build community, and achieve your goals at home, at school and in your own community. Sign up today!

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