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Billy Henry, Founder, President/CEO
Northwest Association for Blind Athletes
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Alturas Partners with Northwest Association for Blind Athletes to Sponsor Vision 20/20 Dinner & Auction

Boise, Idaho—June 3, 2020—Northwest Association for Blind Athletes (NWABA) is honored to announce that they will receive $45,000 over three years from Alturas as presenting sponsor and strategic partner for NWABA’s annual dinner and auction. The generous support from Alturas and individual donors provides critical programs and services for individuals who are blind or visually impaired across Idaho.


“On behalf of the individuals and families we serve across Idaho, Northwest Association for Blind Athletes would like to thank the Alturas team for their long-term investment in our work. With Alturas by our side, we are excited to deliver additional programming, deepen our impact, and transform the quality of life for more individuals with visual impairments.” – Billy Henry, Founder, President/CEO, Northwest Association for Blind Athletes


“We are excited to continue our support of Northwest Association of Blind Athletes as they expand their services throughout Idaho. Together, we can support more blind and visually impaired children, youth, and adults as they gain confidence in all areas of their lives. We look forward to supporting Billy and NWABA for years to come. We encourage our friends throughout Idaho and the Pacific Northwest to support this amazing cause.” – Blake Hansen, Founder & CEO, Alturas


NWABA delivers life-changing opportunities that allow children, youth, and adults who are blind or visually impaired throughout Idaho to participate in sports and physical activity. Many children who are blind or visually impaired are excluded from P.E. in school and other physical activities in their community such as soccer leagues, track & field, or other team sports. Additionally, more than 60% of adults with visual impairments across the United States face barriers to accessible jobs and are unemployed.


With the commitment and partnership from Alturas, NWABA can continue growing programs, reaching more individuals, and enhancing relationships across the state to ensure everyone has access to the skills and resources needed to achieve their goals in all areas of life. NWABA’s programs are open to individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities with visual impairments at no cost to individuals and their families in Idaho.


Save the date for October 24, 2020, to join NWABA, Alturas, and more community leaders at Vision 20/20 Dinner & Auction, celebrating the growth of life-changing opportunities for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Visit nwaba.org for the most updated information.


About NWABA:
The mission of Northwest Association for Blind Athletes (NWABA) is to provide life-changing opportunities through sports and physical activity to individuals who are blind and visually impaired. A group of students who were visually impaired formed the association in 2007 to ensure that people who are blind were participating in sports and physical activity. Today, NWABA is a rapidly expanding 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides nearly 1,800 children, youth, and adults with visual impairments tailored programming which improves self-confidence and self-esteem, promotes independence, creates an inclusive community of supporters, and builds the skills necessary to succeed in all areas of life including school and employment.


About Alturas:
Alturas is a diversified group of companies in Idaho, with interests in real estate and growth-oriented companies. Founded in 2009, the company is focused on starting, buying, and scaling companies through a partnership model. Learn more at www.alturas.com.


For information: http://www.nwaba.org  or
Contact: bhenry@nwaba.org
Phone:  1-360-718-2826