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September Program Spotlight

Chloe Larimore Finds Sports, Confidence and More When Chloe Larimore was five, just like any other student, she wanted to play tee ball. But when her local program learned that

October Salem Paralympic Experience

The NWABA had a great summer this year. One of the many highlights was the Salem Paralympic Experience held on October 3rd. With over sixty kids, joined by their parents,

Anna Johnson: Volunteer Spotlight

Anna Johnson: Volunteer Spotlight Volunteers are the lifeblood of NWABA and Anna Johnson keeps that lifeblood flowing. From driving athletes to piloting tandem bikes, volunteering at Paralympics experiences to helping

Nathan Purcell, NWABA Athlete on His Way Up

Nathan Purcell, NWABA Athlete on His Way Up Goalball may have saved Nathan Purcell’s life. Always an athlete, Nathan played soccer and “a little bit of football” until a degenerative

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