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Our Team

Executive Leadership Team

Billy Henry

Billy Henry

Founder, President & CEO

Stacey Gibbins

Stacey Gibbins

Vice President, Programs & Services

Candace Archuleta

Candace Archuleta

Director of Finance & Administration



Northwest Association for Blind Athletes (NWABA) was born out of need when six teenagers (myself and five friends) wanted to participate in powerlifting and feel included. So, in 2007, I founded NWABA and we started training.

Since then, our team has worked tirelessly to deliver on that vision. Together, we have diversified NWABA to expand our programs to offer 15 different sports, we’ve scaled our impact across several areas, and we’ve built a lending library of equipment and educational videos to make activities accessible. We’ve made significant strides and we aren’t slowing down. Our programs don’t just provide opportunities for sports—they serve as a catalyst for an improved quality of life. They empower participants to break down barriers while building the confidence, friendships and independence needed to lead fuller lives. And that’s something worth working for.

Career Opportunities

Our fast-growing team is committed to achieving NWABA’s mission and we’re looking for talented individuals to join the cause.

Our Board

We are honored to be guided by a group of community leaders who work tirelessly to enhance and expand NWABA’s programming and services throughout our region.