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Founded in 2007, Northwest Association for Blind Athletes is a national leader dedicated to improving the quality of life for children, youth, and adults through participation in sports and physical activity in communities across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. NWABA's programs focus on helping people who are blind build confidence, gain self-esteem, develop friendships, and reach their greatest potential.

Amount Raised: $14,115

Progress Towards Goal 14%

Thank you, CS.

CS has been a loyal champion, supporter, and friend to Northwest Association for Blind Athletes for the last 10 years. CS and his family have been the titles sponsors of the organization's signature fundraising event; attended numerous program events; and have stood by our side when we've needed it most. Thank you, CS, for all that you do to help us transform lives.


To be the national leader in transforming the quality of life for all individuals who are blind and visually impaired through participation in sports and physical activity.


Empower People

We champion potential and empower people to turn their ambitions into reality.

Grow Boldly

We are committed to cultivating opportunities for individual & organizational growth.

Be Transparent

We operate with full transparency, bringing honesty and integrity to everything we do.

Be Inclusive

We welcome, serve, and support all people with dignity and respect.

Strive for Excellence

We bring steadfast determination in pursuit of our mission and our goals.

Transform Lives