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Camper Noah running towards camera on a track wearing sunglasses and an LA Dodgers baseball cap.Fifteen-year-old Noah first experienced Camp Spark six years ago and has been a steady fixture every summer since. Through his time as a camper, Noah has learned skills that every child needs as they grow into adulthood such as becoming independent, building self-confidence, learning new skills, forming relationships and having fun. When asked about his experience with Camp Spark, here is what he says, “I have been a camper at Camp Spark over the last six summers. Camp has taught me an abundance of skills including teamwork, self-advocacy and independence. Over the last few summers, camp has helped me become much more comfortable around my disability by providing a space for my peers and I to share our experiences and create friendships. I have made quite a few friends over the years and have managed to stay connected with many of them during the school year, not just one week in the summer. Camp has given me something to look forward to every year. I hope that the younger campers get to have an experience like mine of creating long-term relationships and take away the skills taught at camp. Keep coming back to camp!!!!!”

NWABA is happy to serve other children and youth like Noah by offering both summer and winter camps, as well as sports activities year-round. For more information about our programs, visit

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