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Community Cares for NWABA graphic with photo of athlete and guide running side by side on a track.Northwest Association of Blind Athletes couldn’t do what we do without the support of our community. To garner even more community support, NWABA is launching our Community Cares for NWABA program. Community Cares for NWABA is a third-party fundraising program where an individual, company or community organization plans and hosts a fundraising event or initiative, whose proceeds are donated in support of NWABA. To make it easy for our community partners, we’ve created a Community Cares for NWABA toolkit, which will help you get started. Through this program, there are so many different ways to provide additional support to NWABA. If you’re a retail or restaurant business owner, donate a portion of your day’s proceeds to NWABA. Become a peer-to-peer fundraiser and ask your friends and family for donations. Host a car wash or bake sale. (Ask Billy about fundraising through bake sales. How do you think NWABA earned its first donation?) If you’ve got a fundraising idea, we are here to help support you and your ideas.

Don’t have time to host a fundraising event? There are other ways to help support NWABA without even thinking about it. Designate NWABA as your nonprofit of choice through Amazon’s Smile Program or Fred Meyer rewards. Every time you shop, a portion of your sales will automatically be donated to NWABA. Host a Facebook birthday fundraiser for NWABA and ask your followers to donate in your honor. There are so many ways to help.

For additional information, visit our website at www.NWABA.org.