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Camp Spark Winter Sessions are Just Around the Corner

NWABA staff member, Matt sliding down a snowbank wearing snowshoes and a knit cap, looking up at the camera smiling.As the new year approaches, so do the the new winter sessions of Camp Spark. January 19th marks our first of three winter camp sessions serving youth and young adults from Oregon and Washington.

Approximately 20 campers per session gather to reconnect with their Camp Spark community for the weekend, and participate in winter sports like snowshoeing, broomball, and more. Besides the change in seasonal sports offered, campers expand their skills by learning to cook their own meals together, which are generally provided cafeteria-style in the summer sessions. There is also a deeper focus on sharpening Orientation and Mobility (O &M) skills, team building and building relationships.

Our Camp Spark winter sessions also provide a unique opportunity for campers to reconnect with their Camp Spark community during the school year, which is particularly important for campers who have been part of Camp Spark for years.

Camper, Inara, holding a blue goalball behind her posing to throw the ball forward.
Camp Spark athlete, Inara.

One of our campers, Inara, has been involved with Camp Spark since 2018, when she first participated in the winter camp that year. Since then, Inara has joined Camp Spark year-round through both the summer and winter sessions, then more currently to the sessions for transition-aged youth and high-performance camps. “It makes me feel confident in a good way. Helps me stay strong and healthy. Learning different things with new friends is my favorite. And trying things out of your comfort zone is really good too!”, says Inara.

Throughout her time at Camp, Inara has grown both personally and as a leader. Inara leads through action by consistently providing assistance to peers and staff, teaching other about skills she excels in, and just by being a friend to others.

Camp Sparks winter sessions extends the magic of camp year-round in this unique environment. Camp Spark winter session run from January through March.

  • Washington Youth Winter Camp – January 19-21 in Naches, WA for campers ages 12-15.
  • Oregon Youth Winter Camp – March 1-3 in Rhododendron, OR for campers ages 12-15.
  • Young Adult Winter Camp – February, 16-19 in Sandy, OR for campers ages 16-21.

Regardless of whether our campers attend summer or winter sessions, or even both, there is a common thread that runs throughout the Camp Spark experience—the life-changing impact it has on the campers, staff and volunteers.

For more information about Camp Spark, visit our website at

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