In Spotlight

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month and we’d like to introduce you to a few of our superstar volunteers. Get to know them through a brief Q & A session.

Volunteer Guide, Joe Green, walking behind an NWABA athlete.

Meet one of our Puget Sound area volunteers, Joe Green. Joe lives in Kirkland, Washington and has been volunteering with Northwest Association for Blind Athletes (NWABA) for about a year. As one of our newer volunteers at the time, Joe organized an event through our Community Cares for NWABA program by hosting a Turkey Bowl charity football game this past Thanksgiving Day, asking each participant to make a donation to NWABA. Joe’s friends and family had a blast carrying on their holiday tradition, while also supporting the organization.

How did you first become involved with NWABA?

I found NWABA through a volunteer website called volunteermatch.org.

Why did you choose to volunteer with NWABA over other local organizations?

I really liked their flexible scheduling, which fits best with my lifestyle, and there is a direct impact at each event for the people this organization serves.

What motivates you or makes you happy to volunteer with NWABA?

My eyesight and athletic outlets are hugely important to me. I can’t imagine life without either. It’s incredible to meet people without their eyesight, who still desire to participate in sports. I believe they should have every opportunity possible to explore our world, and have the opportunity to push their minds and bodies in the way that they are still capable of interacting.

A group of 15 people posing on a football field after playing.

Joe Green and friends during Turkey Bowl 2023 for NWABA.

Please share a favorite story about volunteering with NWABA.

I love being paired with an adventurous athlete who wants to push the limits. Either we go off the path, off-road, fast, or gain altitude and they get that rush that only comes with exploration and realizing we can always do more than we initially believe. Those moments have been and always will be my favorites.