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Champions Legacy Giving Member: Patty Heffner

“I saw an ad for one of the first dinner and auction events…I thought that’s an organization I would be interested in.”

Patty Heffner discovered Northwest Association for Blind Athletes (NWABA) after moving to the Pacific Northwest. Having previous experience as a coach for people with visual impairments, she signed up to volunteer with NWABA as soon as she could. She helped out in beep baseball, judged games of goalball, and observed a variety of programs to understand the full scope of NWABA. Eventually, Patty became such a strong champion for NWABA that she attended outreach events on behalf of our growing organization.

“When you watch a kid or an adult do something that they never got to do before…it’s hard to explain how heartwarming and inspiring it is.”

The impact of NWABA truly resonated when Patty heard the first-hand experience of a young girl who was being left out of P.E. in the hallway, simply due to her visual impairment. The girl, her mother, and the girl’s teacher worked with NWABA to find simple, inclusive solutions for the child to participate in sports and physical activities. Not only did they find solutions to include her in P.E., but she was also now able to connect with new friends and she had access to the same opportunities that her peers did.

 “I thought wow, this is what it’s all about. It’s not just about sports…it put me right over the edge.”

Years later, Patty keeps up to date with NWABA even though she no longer volunteers. Still seeking a meaningful way to support NWABA’s athletes, Patty found the Champions Giving Legacy Society.

“I worked way too hard for what I have and I don’t want it just going anywhere, I want it to have a purpose and I feel very, very strongly about that.”

Patty met with her financial advisor to discuss how she could make the greatest impact. There are many ways to leave a legacy gift such as options that allow you to earn income, options that reduce taxes for your heirs, and options that are as simple as adding a line to your will. Because of her experience with NWABA, Patty decided to join our Champions Legacy Giving Society by designating a gift in perpetuity.

Camper super excited they finished a race. Coach telling them their time.

Patty realized an important factor was to choose an organization that she knew well, a place that would use the funds wisely and that the gift would be transformational. “That’s why I support them wholeheartedly…I truly believe in the mission and programs of NWABA to help change lives, encourage abilities, build confidence, and provide opportunities. I will continue to support during my tenure on this good earth and have made provision for planned giving forever after.”

Patty’s support allows for continued, sustainable program growth and life-changing opportunities designed specifically for individuals who are blind and visually impaired regardless of age and background. Members of our Champions Legacy Giving Society ensure there are future opportunities to gain confidence, build community, and learn new skills readily available for youth, children, adults, and veterans with NWABA.

Join the Champions Legacy Giving Society today with Patty.

“Today, make your wishes known. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.” – Patty

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