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Meet Jamie Harrell, Boise Athlete & Volunteer

Jamie Harrell kneeling down behind a camera lens.Athlete,  Jamie Harrell, of Middleton, Idaho is our athlete spotlight for the month of April! Jamie first joined NWABA in 2022 after he was referred to the organization by a fellow classmate. After our first conversation with Jamie, we knew that he would be an asset to our adapted sports family here in Idaho.

In 2017, Jamie lost his vision after he was struck by a vehicle while attempting to assist another driver involved in a wreck. Jamie insists, “I was a different person before the accident. Losing my sight has shaped me into who I am today. I went back to school and I started picking up photography again after speaking with a therapist during rehabilitation who showed me different blind photographers who were making it work.” Not only does Jamie participate in NWABA’s ongoing sport offerings, he takes professional photos of his fellow athletes for the organization. Because of Jamie’s photography talents, we have created a mutual working union where NWABA covers LYFT rides for Jamie to make his way from Middleton to the Boise area, about 30-40 minutes out from most venues, to both take photos, something he loves, as well as participate in sporting events.

Jamie Harrell posing with a group of fellow athletes
Jamie Harrell (third from left) in the other side of the camera posing with fellow athletes.

When he is not staying active with our Boise athletes, he spends his days studying to become a clinical social worker, training to be the world’s biggest man, and working to be the best dog dad to his pitbull, Money. Jamie’s favorite things about NWABA are that the organization is well established, founded and led by an individual with visual impairment, as well as that the organization provides opportunities for individuals who are blind and visually impaired to get out and do something. “Without NWABA, we would otherwise not have the opportunity to interact and socialize with many people.” Jamie looks forward to capturing more mission moments with his camera and kayaking with the group in the upcoming summer months.

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