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Keep our athletes moving by giving today!

What does it mean to be on the move?

It means, through NWABA, children, youth and adults who are blind and visually impaired can:

  • Can participate in sports and physical activity
  • Discover confidence
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Become part of a community
  • Thrive in all aspects of their lives

Your gift, of any amount, made before June 30th will be DOUBLED, and will help us reach our goal of $75,000!

Dollars raised towards our $75,000 goal


Young athlete on skiis wearing purple pants, a black helmet, goggles and an orange safety vest. An adult guide is behind the athlete on her knees holding her hand for stability. The guide is wearing a green ski jacket, helmet and goggles. Other skiers and snowboarders are walking behind them.

Ady's Story

Ady had never experienced adaptive sports before joining the NWABA community.

At four years old, Ady, first enjoyed her first adaptive event at NWABA’s beeping Easter Egg Hunt in 2022. Her family wasn’t aware of all the opportunities and equipment available at that time, nor did she have access to other friends who were blind and visually impaired.

Since she started participating in NWABA events, “I have seen Ady’s self confidence, coordination and her social skills improve since partnering with NWABA. She is learning to be part of a team which is very hard to do with sighted peers. She is learning that there are others similar to her, going through life with similar challenges,” says her mother Erica.

“I really had a boring life and now I get to have some awesome sports, like soccer and stuff like that. I learned how to pass the ball and the balls were rattling too. Sports makes me happy. I also liked playing with my friends.”

~Ady (6), NWABA Athlete

She continues, “My wish for Ady and others who are blind or visually impaired is to have a lifetime love of being active. To find the joy in being part of a team. To find friendship and support with others going through a similar life journey”

By supporting NWABA today, you will give our athletes unlimited access to the following programs:

Sports Outreach

Offers unlimited in-person sports and physical activity programs to athletes of all ages.

Camp Spark

No cost, residential, summer and winter sports camps for youth and young adults teaching athletes to live without limits through sports, physical activity, and orientation and mobility instruction.

Virtual Programming

Provides limitless reach for individuals to exercise online at home, throughout the world.

Sports Adaptations

Access to our adaptive equipment lending program, comprehensive instructional video library, and consultations for athletes, educators, school districts and families, for unlimited inclusion and participation for all.



Female volunteer holding a young girl wearing goggles in the pool.


Without our volunteers, we would not be able to serve as many people as we do.

two men riding a tandem bicycle on a running track

Ways to Help

NWABA offers many ways for you to make a profound impact on individuals of all ages and abilities, who are blind or visually impaired.